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Sanremo and surrounding

An obligatory stop for the traveler is San Remo, the city of flowers and music thanks to the appointment with the historic Italian Song Festival, which takes place every year in February.
The city is divided into old and new part.
The old part is situated on a hill and it's characterized by the original medieval architecture with narrow streets and houses stacked. The new part, very elegant, is located on the sea. The climate is mild in winter and not too hot in summer and it's influenced by the Ligurian Sea, but also by the chain of mountains that surrounding it.
The vegetation is one of the most varied and richest in Italy and it's composed by Mediterranean plants but also by exotic species. The city is known as the City of Flowers.
Monte Bignone, 1,300 meters high, offers the opportunity for walks in the pine trees and, when the snow falls, to go skiing.
Corso Imperatrice, the most elegant and popular promenade, adorned the city.
Also to see the beautiful RUSSIAN CHURCH, and the park of Marsaglia that contains an auditorium for concerts and outdoor performances.
Corso Trento Triesto is one of the most frequented places and it's situated on the East area of Sanremo, with beautiful views of the city and sea from "Capo Verde" to "Capo Nero" And again: Villa Comunale, "Piazza Degli Eroi" (the market place) and the romantic gothic Cathedral of the thirteenth century.

Bicycle path
In Sanremo there is one of the most beautiful bicycle path in Europe, which extends for about 25 km to San Lorenzo al Mare, along the coast overlooking the sea.
Refreshment points

"Alpi del mare in bici"
Paths and trails for mountain bikers

"Anello di Sanremo"
Itinerary 706, about 31 km long.

"Giro delle Torri"
Itinerary 708, about 20 km long

Whale Watching
Possibility to rent a boat with or without driver

Water Park (Le Caravelle)
Caves of Toirano

Surrounding Areas….

San Romolo
Arma di taggia
Molini di triora (witches)

In the vegetation of the hill of Boscobello, on the initiative of the family "Ave Maria", was born a spectacular route of the "Via Crucis".
The Work for "Via Crucis" began in 1961. The stations are 15 because the first is the mystery of the Annunciation. Boscobello was the ideal place for the coexistence of the natural and spiritual world.
The materials used are typical of the area and also the luminaires are camouflaged in tree trunks or poles covered with vegetation.
The sacred hill of Boscobello will be complemented by a Sanctuary and a pool for the immersion of the pilgrims and the sick.
The execution of the sculpture was given to Enrico Manfrino.

Ancient medieval village overlooking the valley of Argentina, who became famous for its witches, which contains within its walls true works of art

The history of Dolceacqua is identified with the history of the castle and the lordship of Doria. The castle underwent several transformations. The primitive feudal, it was enlarged and included in the fourteenth century by the wall and in the Renaissance the castrum became a great fortified manor. The forces of Franco-Hispanic, destroyed it partially in July 27, 1744 during an episode of the War of the Austrian Succession. The family of Doria moved to the building adjoining the church, and the castle also suffered the earthquake in 1887

You can admire the so-called statue of Magiargè (legendary slave loved the pirate Boabil) or even the church of Sant'Ampelio, the patron saint of the city that it was built on the place where he lived and died the holy hermit (according to a belief).
From the historical point of view it is important The "Oratorio di san Bartolomeo degli Armeni ", built at the end of the fifteenth century, where the representatives of the "Otto Luoghi" decreed , April 20 1686, the birth of the Republic of "Otto Luoghi"
Also interesting is the white turreted villa that was built by the French architect Charles Garnier in 1873 and today is owned by the Sisters of "san Giuseppe d'Aosta".

The Hanbury Botanical Gardens

A few kilometers from the French Riviera: Mentone

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